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What is Sorare? The Best Guide for Beginners (Common FAQs Answered)

The Ultimate Sorare Starter Guide for Beginners

What is Sorare?

What is Sorare?

So, you’re probably wondering what all of the hype is about. What is Sorare? Well, Sorare is the newest, and biggest global fantasy football game which covers all major football leagues. Sorare is also a digital collectible player card platform where you can earn and win digital collectible player cards and Ethereum digital currency, every week. You can also buy and sell Sorare player cards on their marketplace for real money (Ethereum cryptocurrency).

Ready to use your knowledge of football to earn prizes by owning tradable NFT player cards? With Sorare you can use strategies, create lineups and earn points based on how your players’ perform in real-life matches. Sorare enables football fans to identify the best young football talents before they are popular, and earn as their popularity grows. By purchasing scarce digital cards representing players across the world, you can build a valuable collection.

Why Sorare is the Best Fantasy Football and NFT Collectible Card Game

Unlike other fantasy football leagues, you don’t have to worry about updating your team every week with the worry of losing your position in a year-long league, because each game week is a unique new chance to win prizes. It’s more about weekly tournaments, rather than a season-long league against others.

Sorare is truly the best fantasy football and collectible card game. There are many fantasy football games out there now. But Sorare is one of the only fantasy football games that is truly global. Sorare covers over 20 leagues worldwide but also covers international games, domestic cup games, the Champions League, the Europa League and more.

How Sorare works. The Objective of Playing Sorare

With Sorare, the objective of the Sorare game, is to collect the highest-performing player cards for the lowest possible value, to build squads and earn from them. Once you build your first squad, you can earn by entering the SO5 fantasy football leagues on Sorare. The better your collectible player cards perform in real life, the better chance you’ll win.

How many players win prizes on Sorare?

In the SO5 Sorare fantasy league tournaments each week, hundreds of players get the opportunity to win cards and Ethereum. The amount of winners, depends on the amount of people that enter the tournament for that week and the scarcity level for the tournament. Approximately, 6-12% of those that enter tend to win prizes. This changes depending on how many people enter the weekly competitions, and the amount of prizes rewarded is at Sorare’s discretion. For more information on the actual prizes you can win, read on below:

What prizes can you win on Sorare?

By playing Sorare you get the opportunity to earn and win Sorare player cards. Not only that, the highest scoring Sorare SO5 tournament winners get the opportunity to win money in the form of the digital currency, Ethereum. Below shows an example of a prize pool for the All Star Limited card league. As you can see, the players with the three highest points ranking won 0.22 ETH between them (which was equivalent to £953.53 at the time).

Not only that, they also each won one of the most valuable limited cards on the game (Star Limited cards). Star cards, include players such as Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland. These cards often sell for hundreds of pounds in Ethereum on the ‘Manager Sales’ marketplace in Sorare.

Those who finished in the top 16 positions also received a top ranking limited card, and those who finished between the 250 and 833 spots, won a Tier 3 Limited card, which is made up of the least popular limited cards. As you can see in the screenshot of a November 2021 prize pool below, around 12% of users that entered the All Star tournament, won prizes.

Allstar SO5 League Prize Pool


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The Sorare Fantasy Football SO5 Competitions

Sorare’s fantasy football competitions (SO5) offer a range of different leagues for managers to take part in every week (usually twice per week) and win Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH), as well as player card prizes.

There are approximately 40 SO5 fantasy football league tournaments every week across the four different card scarcity levels. Each weekly tournament requires you to enter 5 players; a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, a striker, and an additional player from any position.

For different leagues, you need to own 5 cards at particular scarcity levels (you can learn more about scarcity levels below). For example, to enter limited card leagues, you need to own at least 5 limited cards, and 4 of them need to be a player from each position (a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker).

What are the SO5 Competitions on Sorare?

All Star SO5 Tournament Explained

The All Star league on Sorare is the most popular fantasy football competition on Sorare. This is likely because you can enter squads with players from all across the world. The other SO5 tournaments actually have limits on the types of players you can enter, whereas when you take part in the weekly All Star SO5 Competition, you can use almost every trading card. Thus, this league grants you a low barrier of entry in terms of entering your cards. No matter the country your players play in, you can enter those players – regardless of if it’s the German Bundesliga, Spain La Liga, American MLS, Austrian Bundesliga, or wherever.

Under 23 SO5 Tournament Explained

You’ve already guessed it. The Under 23 league can only be entered with an entire team of players that are aged 23 or under. These players, however, need to be aged 23 or under as of the 1st July during the season which the card was published. This means that if a football player’s 24th birthday is on the 2nd July, they would still qualify for the under 23 league, despite being 24 for 364 days of the Sorare season. You can see if a player qualifies for the Under 23 league, because they will have a small 23 icon on their card.

The under 23 league is an exciting league to compete in, because it enables you to be a true scout and discover young talented gems that are able to demonstrate their potential by scoring you big points in the competition.

Champion Europe SO5 Tournament Explained

The Champion Europe league is a tournament that is open to footballers from teams in the top 5 football leagues of Europe. Those include  the La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and the Premierleague (there is the potential that Premierleague may be added to Sorare, but so far, Sorare is yet to confirm). We consider this quite a challenging league to win because of the amount of top talent you have to compete with.

You are competing with people who owns cards such as Erling Haaland, Kylian Mbappe, Marquinhos and Manuel Neur, who often perform very well in game weeks. Because the top players in the top leagues often are in higher demand, it can be a costlier league for those looking to compete for the biggest prizes. Nonetheless, this is an attractive league for managers to compete in, because of the wealth of talented players in the top European leagues.

Challenger Europe SO5 Tournament Explained

The Challenger Europe league is a tournament that only allows you to include players from Europe that don’t play in the top 5 European Leagues. This remains a brilliant league for those managers that have knowledge of the top players in the lesser known European leagues. These leagues includes the Netherlands Eredivisie, Belgium Jupiler Pro League, Portugese Primeria Liga, Austrian Bundesliga, Russian Premier League, Turkey Spor Toto Super Lig,  Swiss Super League, Danish Superliga and Ukrainian Premier League.

There are masses of players that consistently score high points available outside of the top European leagues. Undoubtedly, there is a wealth of young talent that are often untapped and overlooked by managers!

SO5 Challenger Europe Sorare Leagues

Champion America SO5 Tournament Explained

As the name suggests, the Champion America tournament consists of a competition, that only involves players in America (Central and South America). You can pick from players in the American MLS, Superliga Argentina, Mexico Liga MX, Colombian Primera A, Brasileiro Serie A and more. This competition is a highly popular among players from these countries. However, regardless if you watch these leagues or not, you can still enjoy competing in this league. By following the data, you can also identify top players with high-scoring points, whom are often overlooked.

Champion Asia SO5 Tournament Explained

Similarly, Champion Asia is a fantastic tournament for identifying hidden gems in one of the lesser popular tournaments. By focusing on Champion Asia you can really excel, with the right strategy. One thing you should consider for both Champion America and Champion Asia, is that their leagues are often a different schedule to leagues in Europe. As a result, during off-season months like December and January, you won’t really be able to compete with players from many of these leagues. Nonetheless, the same applies to most European leagues in the June/July months.

The Champion Asia tournament covers players which are playing the J. League, K League,  South Korean Premier League, Pro League, Stars League and Thai League and Chinese Super League.

Missing leagues on Sorare

If we missed any leagues, we do apologise, as Sorare is always adding different leagues. They have to also get licensing from all the leagues each season, which is why you might not see cards from every league in each season.

How to enter Sorare Tournament Competitions (4 Simple Steps)

Step 1

To join a league competition in Sorare (SO5), simply select ‘Play’ at the top of the in-game menu.

How to play the competitions


Step 2

Next, choose the game week you would like to enter a team for. You must include 5 players to compete in each tournament.

How to play Sorare competitions


Step 3

After that, decide which card scarcity you would like to play in. Common, Limited, Rare, Super Rare or Unique.

How to play Sorare competitions


Step 4

Finally, you simply need to click the tournament you would like to enter a team into. You will need to ensure that your collectible cards are eligible for the tournament you are attempting to compete in.

Note: If your players are not actually available for a match game week in real life, they will not be able to compete in the Fantasy leagues, regardless of the league they play in. That’s because the whole game is based on their real-life performance.

How to join competitions 4


How do you score points on Sorare Fantasy League Tournaments?

The Sorare scoring system, simply explained

  • Each game week your players receive a score ranging from 0 to 100. The highest the score, the better they have performed for that game week.
  • Sorare uses real in-game stats to rank player performances across a multitude of statistics, including amount of goals, key passes, successful tackles, assists, shots on target, goalkeeper saves, clean sheets and more
  • The number of stats used to assess players’ performance was increased from 18 to 65
  • In 2020, Sorare changed the way defensive midfielders are evaluated, so that the best of them would compete with the best attacking midfielders in the game
  • The average score for each position is now equal to 40 points
  • Defenders from now on will get a clean sheet if they play at least 60 minutes and their team doesn’t concede during this period of time
  • Player Overall Score on Sorare is the s

How do I start on Sorare?

To start on Sorare, you firstly need to sign up through their website here. Once signed up, you need to start building your first squad of collectible player cards.

You need at least 5 cards to begin competing in the SO5 fantasy football leagues.


Sorare Cards – The Different Scarcity Types

What are the Sorare Scarcity Card levels, and why are they important?

Sorare has a fixed supply of cards for each player added to the Sorare game. Each card is publicly and transparently live on the Ethereum blockchain ledger, which gives users the confidence that each card actually has a legitimate scarcity. The scarcity of Sorare cards is important because it means, as supply decreases, and demand increases, the value of your football collectible cards is likely to rise. This is another selling point for using Sorare.

Currently, there are 4 main scarcity levels per each footballer on Sorare. These scarcity levels include the following:

  • Unique Cards – There is only Unique card available per footballer on Sorare. One Unique card is added each season per each player.
  • Super Rare Cards – There are up to 10 Super Rare cards available per footballer on Sorare. Up to 100 Rare cards are added each season per each player.
  • Rare Cards – There are up to 100 rare cards available per footballer on Sorare. Up to 100 rare cards are added each season per each player.
  • Limited Cards – There are up to 1,000 limited cards available per footballer on Sorare. Up to 1,000 limited cards are added each season per player.
  • Common Cards – These are free cards which are given to new players, so they can get used to playing Sorare. Prizes tend to be a lot more difficult to win, but is a good entry level for beginners. Bear in mind you cannot trade common cards with other Sorare managers also

Can I get free Sorare cards?

Yes, you certainly can. When you join Sorare you get awarded with free common cards. Also, when you purchase your first 5 cards in the Sorare auctions, you get given a free limited card. You can get 12 free common cards and a free limited card by signing up here.

Do player cards lose their scarcity?

Bear in mind that players may lose some scarcity each season, because additional cards are added for each player at each scarcity level, every forthcoming season that Sorare chooses. For example, Sorare could add 1111 cards per each licensed player every new season. This means in 5 seasons, there could be 5 unique cards for each player, or 5000 limited cards for each player, if Sorare has the licensing rights each season, and chooses to add those player NFT cards.

Despite this, you should also bear in mind that as Sorare grows in popularity across the globe, the limited supply is going to continue to reduced. As more and more people join Sorare, the demand will grow, and the supply is likely to be reduced. So although cards are added each season, the fact that Sorare has so much more room for growth and global adoption makes Sorare very attractive.

Why older cards from previous seasons can be more valuable than newly released cards

What are Sorare Player XP points?

You need to also consider the fact the Sorare team smartly included a game featured called player XP points. Sorare’s player XP points feature allows Sorare game users (managers) to improve the value of their cards by playing them in SO5 league tournaments. As your cards get more experience in the SO5 league tournaments, they are able to attain more points in future SO5 league tournaments. This means that many player cards from previous will actually be more valuable than newer season versions of the same players.

What are common cards on Sorare?

Common cards are free type of cards, that new managers get gifted when they join Sorare. New managers can use common cards in the free starter league. This gives new managers a better understanding of how Sorare works, before they start purchasing cards. Even, our team at Sorare Tipsters all started with common cards in the starter league to get a taster of Sorare. We recommend that you do so. It gives you the chance to experience Sorare before spending a penny.

Essentially, common cards form a free scarcity level, which most users are gifted for free when they join Sorare. You can use these cards to enter a free league. With Common cards, you tend to have a smaller chance of winning prizes because they’re are typically a lot more people competing in the Starter League. Playing with Sorare Common cards, also limits your ability to par-take in the full Sorare experience, as you can’t trade common cards with other players, and common cards are a less scarce than others.

Join Sorare Fantasy Football NFT Game


More Common Sorare Questions, Answered (FAQs)

How can I win on Sorare?

To win on Sorare, you need to have a good eye for football talent, and enter competitions with a fiver-player squad that is likely to perform beter than the players of other Sorare managers. Not only that, you need to be strategic with the squads you pick. For example, if you have three strikers from different clubs, and one of them is playing bottom of the league, you might want to play them.

A big part of being successful is the purchasing of the right collectible cards. Alike player recruitment in real life, you really need to be careful with the players you trade to your team, or purchase in auctions. When starting, you need to firstly decide which tournament you want to focus on, before selecting at least five players. And you need at least one player per each position (a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and attacker).

Those that are most successful in Sorare  have a clear strategy, and try to optimise their budget by only purchasing players that will add value to their teams. Don’t buy them because of their name. Think about the actual competitions you’re competing in.


Can you make money with Sorare?

Yes, you can earn money on Sorare, in the forms of Ethereum (ETH) digital currency, and free collectible player cards. Basically, there are two main ways to earn money on Sorare:

  • Finish in the top spots of the SO5 competitions. By doing so, you can win either ETH or player NFT cards, as just mentioned
  • You can sell cards you have either bought, traded or won in the competitions


Is legit?

In one word… Yes. is a legitimate company that recently raised $680 million in one of Europe’s largest ever startup investments. Several well-known footballers have actually invested into Sorare, including Antione Griezmann, Rio Ferdinand, Gerard Piqué and César Azpilicueta.

In addition to those footballers, SoftBank’s Vision Fund team, Atomico, Bessemer Ventures, D1 Capital, Eurazeo, IVP and Liontree also invested in Sorare. The incredible investment valued Sorare at a huge $4.3 billion.


Can you sell common cards on Sorare?

No, common cards are not sellable. You can only sell or trade the following types of cards:

Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique.


Where is Sorare based? Who are the Sorare founders?

Sorare is a fantasy sports game based in Paris, France, and was founded by Nicolas Julia, CEO and Adrien Montfort, CTO. Sorare currently has close to 100 employees and is expanding across multiple countries, including United States of America.


How do I sell a player on Sorare?

Selling cards on Sorare is simple. Firstly, click on the card you would like to sell. Next click the ‘List my card’ button. After, it will ask you to input the price you’d like to receive for your card. Press ‘List’ and confirm that you would like to sell your card for that amount. When you have done this, your card will be on sale for the next 48 hours. If nobody chooses to buys your card, the sale will expire and your card will remain in your gallery.


What happens if I sell a player during a game week on Sorare?

Bear in mind if that you sell a card during a game week, you may lose the points associated with the player you have sold.


We’re the Sorare Tipsters

You may be wondering who we are. We’re the Sorare tipsters, a group of Sorare experts that are very passionate about Sorare. We provide top Sorare tips, unique strategies and simple guides to guide your journey. Learn more about the Sorare Tipster team, here. If you need any support, or have any questions with anything Sorare-related, you can ask our friendly team here.


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Join Sorare for free, here and enjoy your first free 12 common cards. Also, when you join via our links, you get a free limited card (once you buy your first 5 cards on the Sorare auction marketplace).

Want to make the most out of your Sorare budget?

We also recently created a 7 step strategy guide on how to make the most out of your Sorare budget. You can access this 7 step Sorare strategy guide, here.


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