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7 Step Sorare Strategy Guide for Smart Managers (Sorare Tipsters)

A Powerful Sorare Strategy Guide to help you develop better SO5 Squads

7 Step Sorare Strategy Guide

Since you landed on this article, I already know you’re an intelligent person. Why? Because seeking a strong Sorare strategy is a sign of intelligence. Everyone should have a clear strategy when using the platform. Those that don’t, are going to be at a disadvantage, and are going to waste money in the process. We are currently in the wild west phase of NFTs and by educating ourselves, we can distance ourselves from the other 99% of users. We can’t go by emotions – we must use an intelligent Sorare strategy that keeps us in that top 1% of Sorare managers.

What is Sorare? Simple definition.

Sorare is the future of fantasy football gaming. Ever collected football stickers or football cards when you were younger? Well, Sorare brings together the world of collectible football cards, and combines that with fantasy football leagues where you can win prizes every week!

Sorare is an up-and-coming NFT blockchain global fantasy football game that gives the footballing world the opportunity to buy and sell real footballers via player auctions or on a simple-to-use marketplace where you can exchange players with anyone else on the platform. Players often seek to buy players, and then sell players for a higher price.

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Can you make money on Sorare?

Yes, it is possible to make money on Sorare in the form of new NFT player cards or Etheruem digital currency. You can buy players for Etheruem, and sell them for more on the ‘Manager Sales’ marketplace. Additionally, you can win Etheruem and collectible football player cards in the Sorare SO5 leagues, when your squads earn enough points during game weeks. SO5 leagues allow Sorare game players to compete with each other for prizes.

Why football fans love playing Sorare, as Sorare Managers

Undoubtedly, the most exciting thing about Sorare is the fantasy football side. It brings together the biggest leagues in the world, and enables Sorare users (also known as ‘managers’) to win prizes. The better your football players (collected cards) perform in real life, the more points they will score. The more points they score, the better chance you have of winning the prizes in the ‘SO5 leagues’, that are hosted on Sorare. If you didn’t fully understand Sorare yet, we hope that helps give you a better understanding.

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About ‘Sorare Tipsters’ and What we cover in this 7 Step Strategy Guide

We’re Sorare Tipsters, an official partner of Sorare, and the first-ever Sorare Tipsters – our speciality is finding talented players before everyone else knows about them. We also provide unique strategies for savvy people who want to excel at Sorare.

The following article is an opinion piece by the founder at Sorare Tipsters, Chris. Having played and researched Sorare extensively for about a year now, I wanted to share key tips and insights that I’ve found whilst playing Sorare myself. I decided to put together this 7 step Sorare strategy guide for both beginners and advanced players who want to be elite managers on the platform. 

These unique Sorare strategies are used by myself and the Sorare Tipster team. We recommend reading the full article so you don’t miss any key information. Now, it’s not essential for you to follow any of this – it’s just suggestions based on our heavy experience researching and using Sorare ourselves.


7 Advanced, Unique Strategies for Winning Prizes with Sorare

1) Keep an eye on injuries. They provide big opportunities

Firstly, the aim of the game is to acquire player NFT cards for as little money as possible, and to then win prizes with those digital player cards. You can buy player cards on Sorare’s auction page or their ‘Manager Sales’ player exchange marketplace.

If you’re looking to pay less for players, we recommend keeping an eye on real-life player injuries. When players get injured, they become less in-demand. That’s because they won’t be able to win any points in Sorare’s SO5 leagues. But, this is when the smart managers swoop in and purchase key players that will soon be hot property, when back fit and on form.

I personally did this myself by purchasing Real Soceidad’s forward, Alexander Isak, when he was injured. The Swedish striker scored 17 goals for Real Soceidad in La Liga last season but was held back by injury in 2021. In late September you could’ve purchased the Isak limited card for in the region of £150. In fact, several people did. But 3 – 4 weeks later someone purchased Isak for £359.50. So someone paid x2.4 more for the player a couple weeks later. This is a simple example of where keeping an eye on injuries can help you tremendously on your Sorare journey.

Knee injury football (Sorare strategy)

2) Focus on one SO5 Division League Tournament in one Card Scarcity Level

There are over 25 tournament league divisions where you can win prizes every week. Managers often look to spread their chances of winning by buying players that fit into several leagues. For example, they try to build a squad made up of Limited scarcity cards for the Global All Star league. Next they try to build a squad made of Rare scarcity cards for the Global Under 23 league. And guess what.. Yes they try and build a third squad for a different league like the ‘Champion Europe SO5 league’. You should focus on one scarcity level, for a start.

Everyone thinks, the more leagues you have squads in, the more chances you have of winning prizes. However, we strongly disagree. We believe it’s a much smarter strategy to focus your attention and resources on one league division in one scarcity level. For example, you could buy 10 very good Limited player cards for division 5 of the Global All Star League. Alternatively, you could have 5 very good limited player cards in that league and another 5 very good rare player cards in the ‘Champion Europe’ league. 

Yes, you might be able to participate in two competitions every week, by having two squads for the tournaments. But what if you had 10 players that you could interchange every gameweek based on their real life form and availability. What’s the point having 10 players when 2 are unavailable. That major advantage could be the difference between you winning a prize or not. We believe it’s better to be a master at one Sorare SO5 league, instead of being ordinary at multiple leagues. We’re confident that this insight will be very beneficial to you in your Sorare journey!

3) Buy goalkeeper NFT cards, before other positions

You’ve probably quickly learned that goalkeepers are often the most expensive position to fill in your squads. Why? Simply because there’s only one goalkeeper per team that can start in a real match, thus goalkeeper’s are naturally a lot more scarce than other outfield players. As a result, you need to really concentrate on securing yourself a solid goalkeeper that averages at least 50+ points per game to have a good chance of winning any tournament prizes on Sorare. 

The main (and most obvious) way to acquire high-performing goalkeepers is to pay the price that comes with them, of course. When you get a high quality goalkeeper that is keeping regular clean sheets for a strong team, you can often rely on them to perform nearly every matchday in Sorare SO5 competitions. If you want that peace of mind, it may be worth buying them – however do so with careful consideration – don’t just jump into it! If there’s one position that’s worth paying a bit more than usual, in our personal opinion, we would say goalkeeper is the spot for that! With that being said, most people don’t have the budget to acquire goalkeepers for between £/€500-1000.  

Buy young up-and-coming Sorare Goalkeepers before they’re regular starters

Another good way of acquiring a quality goalkeeper, is by identifying young goalkeepers that are slowly being given a chance. Identify those goalkeepers that get given an occasional start and are likely to be given a chance to compete with the current goalkeeper. For example, like when Dean Henderson (Manchester United) was given the chance to displace David De Gea (Manchester United) in the second half of the 2020/2021 Premierleague season. Alternatively, you may want to play the long game by focusing on the youth that are coming through.

Nonetheless, sometimes you might get lucky, and find yourself a Sorare game player that wants to offload a goalkeeper that is performing quite well. More recently, I came across Gabriel Slolina, a teenage goalkeeper for Chicago Fire. After an incredible first performance for the club, it was clear that he was going to become a first-team starter for them, so I purchased him before his price surged.

Sorare strategy - Sorare goalkeepers marketplace

4) Don’t just rely on the 5 game average. Form is temporary.

As you can see on the Sorare platform, players come with a score rating attached to them. The number ranges from 1-100 and lies within a circular shape that is coloured either red, or a shade of green, depending on the boundary of the number. For example, a player score of 10 would be red, 50 would be a pale-coloured green, and 85 would be a darker shade of green.

Naturally, we are all drawn to those players with 70+ or 80+ scores, as we know that level of score can help us win prizes in the competitions. However, we need to be careful when seeing these average scores because, as mentioned in the heading, ‘Form is temporary’. And class is permanent. Because of this, we choose to focus on the players we know are quality players but may be going through a rough patch of form. Why? Because nine times out of ten, they’re going to cost less than when they get into good form. 

We see this as an opportunity to purchase player NFT cards at a ‘discounted’, ‘undervalued’ price, in our eyes. We’re not saying you should do this, but this is what we like to do. Yes, it may not bring short-term rewards, but we understand that playing the long-game can be an effective strategy when playing Sorare.

5) Making offers for players. It can save you large amounts!

On the ‘Manager Sales’ section in Sorare, we can often be lured into paying the lowest ‘Buy’ price for the players that we want. We then compare it to the higher prices nearby, and think we’re getting the best possible deal we can get (if the auctioned player is also going for high amounts, that is). 

But what most people forget or don’t attempt to do, is make offers for players. But by making offers, you can often shave anything from 5-20% off the current asking price. To make offers, all you have to do is, click on the player you want to purchase, click ‘Make an offer’ and put in the amount of ETH (Ethereum) that you would like to pay. Now, bear in mind that you will need to have the amount you want to pay, in your Sorare ETH wallet, before purchasing.

Making offers for players is so simple to do, but is often neglected.

6) Advanced Auction Sorare Strategy – Timing your purchases

Auctions are one of the main ways you can acquire players, and we have some simple tactics that we use to win them. Not willing to pay more than the next auction price? Get your alarm clock ready! Sometimes it’s a good idea to make your bid in the final 5-10 minutes before the auction finishes (But that’s when you don’t want to bid any higher than the current auction price). We find that people like to bid during this period, so it’s good to get ahead of them sometimes. Consider making that bid just before the 10 minute mark.

Is it the last 40/45 minutes of the auction, and are you prepared to pay a lot more than the current auction price? What we often prefer to do, is to wait till the last 40 seconds before bidding. By waiting so late, you can skip all of the back-and-forth bidding the price up for cards. Instead, you can simply swoop in when the current highest bidder thinks they have it in the bag (sorry if I did this to you). 

Jokes aside, we really think waiting and pouncing is a great tactic. Often the highest bidder won’t be paying close enough attention and won’t have time to make the decision to outbid you. Remember, they only have 60 seconds to make up their mind once you place your bid in the last 60 seconds of an auction – anything could happen. Their internet connection could be cut out, or they could even get a notification from their friend on WhatsApp. Literally anything could distract them at that vital moment. Nonetheless, you should mentally decide a maximum amount you’re willing to pay for players, and stick to it. Sometimes the best thing to do is wait for the next auction for a player, or to pick a different player.

Football sorare strategy

7) Identifying top young players & buying them multiple times

Now, if you had the opportunity to buy a 17 year-old Kylian Mbappe NFT card, before all the hype came, you would’ve, right? Purchasing young up-and-coming players can be a smart tactic when playing Sorare. It can help you save a tremendous amount when buying Sorare cards. In fact, this is what we like to do when playing Sorare ourselves.

We spend hours researching the top talents across the world, before they become the ‘next big thing’. Once we feel we’ve found a future global superstar, we like to buy that player multiple times for a price that we think is undervalued, or a lot less costly than what we think they will cost in the future. We aim to find many players like this, for our Sorare community, so subscribe to our Sorare Tipster tips, here.


The 7 Step Sorare Strategy Concluded

Now, I hope these 7 Sorare strategy steps were very enlightening and a bit different than your usual fantasy league article. We focus on bringing unique insights that nobody else covers. 

There’s no doubt in our minds that goalkeepers are like precious gold, when it comes to Sorare. Having one reliable goalkeeper can be invaluable in SO5 competitions. Secondly, relying on recent average scores is not always a great idea. We tend to find better value when avoiding the recent average player score. 

You now know that making customised offers to others can save you a lot of money in the long run and that various auction strategies can really improve your chances of winning them, or saving money. Also, it can be a smart idea to buy multiple cards of the upcoming lower-valued players you believe are likely to become potential superstars. Of course, there’s always the chance that they don’t fulfil their potential, and you need to consider that. For example, anyone could get a life-changing injury at any time.

Nonetheless, we also strive to identify top talents on Sorare. In fact this is something we focus on, and we would like to share them with you. If you’d like access to our player tips in future, please subscribe here and we will alert you by email! Also, if you like, we will send you more articles like this one, before others get a hold on them. 

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